Armor Sets (Finesse) in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning are pieces of Armor that complement each other and grant larger bonus the more pieces of the same set of Armor are equipped. Armor Sets in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, start granting bonuses when two pieces of the same set are equipped and also grant more bonuses when three or four pieces of the same set are equipped at the same time.

The player can also mix sets, using two Armor pieces of one set to get the first bonus and three Armor pieces of a different set to get two other bonuses.
As stand-alone items, Armor Set pieces tend to be around the Infrequent level quality Armor and the name of said piece can be identifiable easily by its golden lettering.


All Armor Sets for Finesse-Based Characters



Set Name

Max. Finesse Level Required

Bonus with 2 pieces equipped

Bonus with 3 pieces equipped

Bonus with 4 pieces equipped

Ascendant Armor Set
43  +15% Stun Duration.  +30% Health. +15% Chance to Critical Hit. 
Brewmaster's Armor Set
32  +2 to Finesse Abilities. +25% Poison Damage.  +25% Damage with Bows. 
Captain's Vigilance
14  +20% Health. +20% Mana.  +2 to Finesse Abilities.
Fury Armor Set
43  +8% Poison Resistance.  +10% Status Effect Duration with Bows.  +15% Critical Hit Damage with Melee. 
Imminent Armor Set
3 +10% Bleeding Damage.
+10% Bleeding Duration. 
+2 Stealth +5% Experience while in Reckoning mode. 
Justice Armor Set
36  +25% Damage Resistance.
+15% Health Stolen per Hit. 
+15% Critical Hit Damage.  +30% Bleeding Resistance. 
Lord's Livery Armor Set
+2 to Finesse Abilities. +1 Mana Regen per Sec.  +8% Elemental Resistance. 
Lunala's Armor Set
28  +15% Damage Resistance.
+20% Critical Hit Damage. 
+15% Melee Block Efficacy.
+15% Ranged Block Efficacy.
+15% Magic Block Efficacy. 
+15% Chance to Stun. 
Magnon's Armor Set
43 +15% Lightning Damage.  +2 Health Regen per Sec.  +15% Damage.
Mercenary Ensemble Armor Set
10  +2 Stealth +2 Lockpicking +15% Chance to Critical Hit. 
Privateer's Armor Set
38 +10% Piercing Damage.  +1 Health Regen per Sec.  +2 to Finesse Abilities.
Pteryx Armor Set
38 +1 Health Regen per Sec.  +10% Elemental Resistance.  +10% Mana. 
Shadowskin Armor Set
18-28 +15% Chance to Critical Hit.  +25% Fire Damage.  +10% Experience Bonus. 
Survivor's Armor Set
25 +1 Mana Regen per Sec.  +20% Elemental Resistance.  +10% Damage at Night. 
The Running Man Armor Set
N/A +10% Health.  +10% Critical Hit Damage with Melee.  N/A. 
Vekreth's Armor Set
18  +15% Critical Hit Damage.  +2 to Finesse Abilities.  +25% Health. 
Wanderer Armor Set
21  +15% Poison Damage.  +20% Bleeding Resistance.   +2 to Finesse Abilities.
Despoiler's Armor Set
45 Landing a ranged attack increases your damage Landing a ranged attack summons an Ice Wolf Your arrows are refilled whenever your Ice Wolf lands an attack
Last Breath Armor Set
45 10% chance to increase movement speed whenever landing a melee hit +200% Damage with traps Backstabs are always fatal to minor enemies

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